Thomas Carnacki​-​Vulcanus 68 Split LP

by Thomas Carnacki and Vulcanus 68

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Two complimentary artists taking their inspiration from the hallowed masters of tape and electronic music. Thomas Carnacki and Vulcanus 68 bring these old techniques into the future; with real-time manipulation of found objects in the case of Carnacki; and with Vulcanus 68, literal tape splicing and collaging techniques used in the digital realm as well as a more haunting analog tone exploration. They bring a shared sensibility of worship and irreverence, in equal measures, to this old style.

Inner Workings:
Thomas Carnacki start things off on Side A with Elegant Things, Distressing Things, Things Not Worth Doing. A twilight ambient walk beneath the stars. Among the ingredients that went into its composition and performance: a coffee grinder, half a pair of time-worn epaulets, a large bowl of sand, a pair of violas, several pages of a notebook, a broken autoharp, a jar of marbles, a candlestick, and some rocks. Added to this stew were field recordings made on a trip to the Antarctic by contributor Cheryl Leonard.

Vulcanus 68 cover side B with two strikingly different pieces of electronic music. Azra takes its cue from the early pioneers of musique concrete. Quick slices and jarring movement of manipulated tape and electronics tumble around with the warped cries of a child. Arcano XV is a collage of various jams and sessions the duo recorded between 2008 - 2010 edited down to this single 14 minute piece. This intense and darkly mysterious piece sits as a moody epilogue between the shadow worlds of Vladimir Ussachevsky and Xenakis and the haunting pagan ritual music of Ruth White and the BBC Radiophonic folks.

Thomas Carnacki is the moniker for recording and performing activities of Berkeley-based Gregory Scharpen, one of the original members of the live incarnation of M.S. Waldron's irr. app. (ext.)  As a performing entity on both US coasts, it encompasses an ever changing roster which has at times incorporated: Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias Bossi (Rabbit Rabbit Radio, Tin Hat, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Book of Knots), Dawn McCarthy (Faun Fables) and Carla Bozulich (Evangelista, Geraldine Fibbers). For this recording, the outfit consisted of Jesse Burson, Cheryl E. Leonard, Gregory Hagan, Sheila Bosco and Gregory Scharpen.

Vulcanus 68 is at its core, the duo of Jared Blum and Dominic Cramp. Apart from Vulcanus 68, they are the co-founders of the record label, Gigante Sound and have numerous solo projects between them including Blanketship, Boful Tang and Lord Tang. They are also known for their work with Bill Gould of Faith No More in the project, The Talking Book, a tale of broken melodies and failing electronics. Cramp is a long standing member
of Carla Bozulich's Evangelista and also plays in the free improvising duo, Tiberius, with drummer Mike


released January 31, 2014

Thomas Carnacki side recorded in January 2013 at Maison Bosco augmented slightly by recordings done at Viola Central later that year.

Vulcanus 68 side recorded 2008-2010 in various rooms and studios. Reconstructed, imagined and collaged in September 2013.

Mastered by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha
Cover artwork: "Hive Vapour" by M.S. Waldron (2013). Used by generous permission.



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Vulcanus 68

Vulcanus 68 is a return to the roots of outlaw electronic music. Taking their cue from the 60s/70s renegades outside the academic limelight such as Tod Dockstader,Richard Maxfield, Ruth White, Kenneth Gaburo and Basil Kirchin, Vulcanus 68 bring their own dark 21st century vision to the outskirts of electronic composition. ... more

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